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Present outlook on cardiovascular diseases and statins: is scepticism in loco?

The Skeptik 2014;2:1-7

Ginter E., Kukan M.

Slovak Medical University, emeritus, Bratislava, Slovakia

An extreme rise of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in the twenty century led to the search of new drugs, lowering blood cholesterol levels and a risk of CVD. Discovery of statins was important, because they inhibite competitively HMG-CoA reductase, a key enzyme of cholesterol synthesis. A large number of studies proved that statins deacreased a risk of CVD. Sceptic voices pointed out on side effects of statins (myopathitis and even diabetes). The newest synthetised statins have only minimal side effects. A low risk of side effects of the newest statins, however overlaps a great deacrese of CVD caused by old statins. It is a big mistake to prescribe the newest statins to patients having mildly elevated cholesterol levels for prevention of CVD.

published by Slovak Society of Skeptics

Designing and modeling of structures of the educational process with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT)

The Skeptik 2014;2:8-48

Čihánský Š.

Slovak Medical University, emeritus, Bratislava, Slovakia


Review analyzes some possibilities to increase the level of quality of the teacher to focus on teaching design and modeling of the educational process by computer and ICT. It deals with the use of interdisciplinary knowledge in making curriculum content, personal computers equipped with specialized programming and means for improving teaching execution requirements in managing the learning process of students.

Search proved that an increase in the efficiency of managing of the educational process is mostly dependent: 1. On the creative capabilities of pedagogues to methodologically transform selected topic of a curriculum, 2. on efficient use of pedagogic software equipments, 3. on specialized software packages in relevant professionals and on 4. the development of logical thinking of pupils and students.

published by Slovak Society of Skeptics

A proposal for characterization of research scientists in scientific databases

The Skeptik 2014;2:49-50

Kukan M., Ginter E.

Slovak Medical University, emeritus, Bratislava, Slovakia

In the June issue of The Skeptik 2013 (1) we throwed doubt on h-index, (2) that it is inappropriate for estimation of research scientist ouput, at least for scientists whose h-indexes ranges between 12 - 31. The main problems of h-index is that Dr. Hirsch did not take into account that citations have to be devided by a number of authors on publications. Also, publications were not divided by a number of authors on individual papers (2).

published by Slovak Society of Skeptics

Forensic assessment of pathological gambling: A case report

The Skeptik 2014;2:51-56

Nábělek L.

Dept. of Psychiatry, F.D. Roosevelt Hospital, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia

Summary: Forensic psychiatric assessment of the perpetrators of criminal acts is generally individual, without common definite rules and algoritms. Nevertheless we can postulate that the forensic psychiatric value of the diagnosis of pathological gambling is diminutive. In assesing of criminal responsibility of pathological gambling we must take into consideration following axioms:

1. The diagnosis of pathological gambling does not automatically indicate the reduction of cognitive and control abilities.
2. There are no serious damages of the central nervous system neither the deliberation of impulsive conduct motivation under the influence of exogenous psychoactive substances in pathological gambling. Possible withdrawal symptoms do not reach the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms in the somatic drug dependence.
3. We are assessing the ability to control the behaviour in relation to criminal acts, not in relation to gambling itself.
4. It is necessary to distinguish between direct criminality ("under the influence of gambling") and indirect criminality (leading toward obtaining money for gambling or to pay off debts).
5. Pathological gamblers have no diminishing in the ability to recognize the danger of their behaviour for the society. In case of indirect criminality is the ability to control their conduct also not affected. In direct criminality, tied directly to the situation of gambling, may at the most occur only insignificant diminishing of self-control abilities.

The before-cited contemplations are ilustrated on the short case report.

Key words: pathological gambling - forensic psychiatric assessment - case report

published by Slovak Society of Skeptics

The socio-cultural conditioning and contradictions that exists due to the formation of the modern civil

The Skeptik 2014;2:57-69

S. G. Chukhin

Omsk State Pedagogical University

This article discusses the basic contradictions of modern social and cultural conditioning of civic education. The main objective of the study - to justify the relevance of functional changes in the theory and practice of civic education under the influence of socio-cultural situation of the postmodern historical period, or postpostmoderna. At the present stage of development of civic education along with the traditional forecast of possible new features, caused by social and cultural factors.

Keywords: civic education, modern, modernized society, postmodern, postmodernism.

published by Slovak Society of Skeptics
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