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Manuscripts have to contain original research and rational explanation of controversial, exceptional and paranormal claims.
Manuscripts can be written in Slovak, Czech, in English or in Russian language. As for papers in other Slavic languages, please, contact an expert in linguistique. Please, start the papers by English abstract. The abstract should not exceed 300 words. As for the references, please use the following style:

1. Trnovec T, Dedík L, Jusko TA, Lancz K, Palkovičová L, Kočan A, Šovčíková E, Wimmerová S, Tihányi J, Patayová H, Hertz-Picciotto I. Assessment of exposure to PCB 153 from breast feeding and normal food intake in individual children using a system approach model. Chemosphere. 2011;85:1687-1693.

2. Ginter E. Chenodeoxycholic acid, gallstones and vitamin C. New Engl J Med. 1976;25:1260-1261.

3. Kukan M, Haddad PS. Role of hepatocytes and bile duct cells in preservation-reperfusion injury of liver grafts. Liver Transpl.
2001;7:381-400. Review.

Sections for publication in The Skeptik:
1. Biomedicine
2. Science about human and society
3. Miscellanous

Please, send manuscripts in Word, pictures as pdf files:

Editor in chief and Managing Editor: PharmDr. Marián Kukan, CSc.

Editorial Board:
PhDr. Erik Germuška, Ph.D. - main Editor for Science about human and society
Assoc. Prof. Albena Alexandrova, Ph.D.
Docent MUDr. Boris Mravec, PhD. - main Editor for Biomedicine
MD. Dimitrios Volanis PhD. FEBU
MUDr. Ludvík Nábělek, PhD.
Mgr. Blanka Szeghyová, PhD. - main Editor for History
MUDr. Katarína Tisovská
Doc. Stepan Gennadevich Chukhin, Ph.D.
Consulting editors:
MVDr. Štefan Bezek, DrSc.
Thomas F. Woolf, PhD.

The manuscripts are evaluated by two independent referees. The experiments involving the animals must be approved by welfare comitee. Surgical procedure on animals must be performed in deep anesthesia. The animals must be given human care. The experiments involving humans must be approved by the ethical comitee.