I cant find a brand name or logo on it anywhere. I think some of SNap-Ons tools are better designed, in particular as mentioned above with thinner ratchet heads.. Craftsman tools are made by the same forger as snap-on, mac an a couple of the other brands out there. SK Tools is another old, but good one. Share Followers 1. All are in very nice condition and clean, most look they were only used a few times, except for the 10mm & 16mm they show some use on the drive end, and the 9mm & 10mm has some light rust specs or spots on the finish. Really, to a gearhead, … we have a nice selection of snap-on, mac, matco, cornwell, sk and other quality tools. I have almost pulled the trigger on a Gear Wrench set since I wouldn’t expect life long tools. Love, love, love the PROTO (PROfessionalTOols). You can’t beat that anywhere for a new set. That was an awesome read. Ingersoll Rand Air Hammer 114GQC. Carlyle does have a lifetime warranty on all but torque wrenches, but last time I checked it did require a receipt. I’ve broken one craftsman for every TEN snap-on over the last 25yrs… I think SO is the most overrated tool co around. item 3 Matco Tools 14 Pc 3/8 Drive Metric Impact Long … But if you look on a socket or other Williams made kobalt they have same font and date codes as snap ons. Cornwell make quality tools and I believe all items they sell are made in the USA. SKBucks™ are not transferable and may not be sold, resold, exchanged or bartered. I can’t help it. I know I've seen Armstrong ratchets that look and feel identical to the 3/8 Matco I have. Marketing has taken over the world. Now there brand sucks and there warranty is crap. Not anymore, unfortunately. In some cases a Proto item will be near or completely identical to a Mac item in all but color, for half the price. They are better made than Craftsman in my opimion. item 2 Matco tools wrench flare 1/2" & 9/16" RF16186 2 - Matco tools wrench flare 1/2" & 9/16" RF16186. $5.99 + shipping . Thanks Travis for taking the time to do the write up. I have had a Mac impact socket blow apart, and a Matco breaker bar snap the end off. $270.23 $ 270. That pretty much explains my distaste for us made tools. DR. ( 14 INCH ) EXTENSION , PART # AX14 - USED, MATCO TOOLS 1/4 IN. Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ej20, Mar 26, 2011. I wanted American-made tools, and discovered ChannelLock makes their products in the USA still. Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by ej20, Mar 26, 2011. A great read and full of good info. 10 Hand Tool Brands That Don’t Get The Love They Deserve. I have seen the others (Mac & Matco) come and go, and have been stuck with broken tools for months/years at a time. SK v TK [2013] EWHC 834 (Fam) First instance decision of Moor J in the wife’s application for a financial remedy, considering the husband’s arguments for a departure from equality on the grounds of special contribution, pre-acquired assets, and the risk of him retaining a shareholding in a company as his share of the assets. When I look for a quality tool all the ones in the article are great, but I still look for asme/ansi b107 rating, no matter who makes it. Second, 1/3 or more of Snap-On is now made overseas, and Snap-On has ALWAYS been overpriced. It tied in third place with a time of 13.1 seconds, beating out DeWalt, AC Delco, Mac Tools, and Bosch. Then I sleep on it and demand that I buy American. I had an Asian socket and extension both fail before a 1/4 drive US made Craftsman ratchet (on the same job). A regular fixture in the garages of America? Additional site navigation. please feel free to buy with confidence because we have been offering tools & products since 2000 as shown by our excellent feedback. As the other reader stated, he is looking for a Craftsman alternative ever since Craftsman left us all high and dry…….I , too, have been replacing my Craftsman junk with other tools. Principal? Online availability is poor and you’ll probably have to go to NAPA, but you can check out their products HERE. £15.51 + £21.15 postage. The most unloved, yet deserving of love, company on our list is Lang Tools. I’m not pimping for Snappy, but in 35 years Snap-On has always been around. I think that's the same as Matco. I have found them to good quality and for less $$ than Crapsman Imports. Lost count. Location: a wretched hive of scum and villainy. One stop shop for all things from your favorite brand. SKBucks™ are not transferable and may not be sold, resold, exchanged or bartered. I also love the older kobalt made by them it’s a shame they switched from them. I have 20 different pairs of them and wish I had more. The SK Tools Student Program Get a head start on your career with SK Professional Tools. I have most of those brands in my box. And triple to quadruple the quality on imported tools. wow i didn’t know there is so many tools that i have never heard of. Or is most of this stuff now on-line? If you’re looking for a … Minnesota state franchise … Since then I have been a believer: q/c you can't believe, tighter tolerences, better balance, better finish, great selection. My 3/8 snap on gums up if I get the tiniest bit of oil on it. By cbred02, October 24, 2019 in Test & Measurement. In 2010 Wright introduced their now popular WrightGrip wrench design which offers the benefits of Snap-On’s FlankDrive+ design, for a fraction of the price. Put Us To Work . Shop online for quality gently used mechanics tools from names like Snap On, MAC and Matco at a fraction the price of new with quick shipment and delivery. Return Policy * 30-Day Risk FREE return for refund or replacement If you are not 100% satisfied with your returnable items, return the product for a refund. Thanks for letting us know. While there may an occassion where this is needed, for the average shade tree mechanic they are over priced. They sell products they make in house, as well as rebranded items made by others, but all are USA made quality. The problem appears to be in the gearbox as it cannot be switched between high and low speeds. They have a budget Evercraft line, but Carlyle is a step up. Any idea what it could be? shipping: + $10.00 shipping . Let me help you out. Flex Ratcheting Hand Wrenches. We sold them at the family auto parts store up until the 80’s when we were forced to switch to Blackhawk and the SK was the better tool. Great article that I just stumbled upon. They break or get ruined all the time, and it’s always when I need them the most. As I recall, the Armstrong Company was sold and stopped production in the U.S. sometime in late 2016 or early 2017. But heck back then even craftsman was good. They are all exceptionally well made. Lang invented them, and while they seem a little antiquated now, they were hot sellers at one time. Even 5 years old, this impact … Had been leaning towards Proto until someone bashed it and said quality had dropped haha what’s new! Founded in 1922, Hiawatha, KS based Wilde Tool is a manufacturer of high quality, American made, tools. 1-16 of over 1,000 results for "matco wrench set" Skip to main search results Eligible for Free Shipping ... 90-Tooth, Quick-release Reversible, CR-V, with EVA Organizer. 10% coupon applied at checkout Save 10% with coupon. Slide {current_page} of {total_pages} - You May Also Like. Sometimes it’s because they aren’t relying on the customer base these type of ads generate, sometimes it’s because they simply don’t have the budget for it, and sometimes it’s undoubtedly because their products speak for themselves. True, but this article isn’t about companies you’ve never heard of. So you can get twice as many craftsman tools (and you can never have too many tools). And proof that made in USA ain’t what it used to be. It was not a big deal because I had it with me but I was still pissed. Major products include sockets and drive tools, wrenches, air tools, and other mechanics' tools. Squeeze the trigger, the LED lights, the motor makes a slight clunk but otherwise nothing. Lisle 39900 Master Fuel Line Disconnect Set . While I use Craftsman and think they're great tools, I love to use my buddie's Snap-on tools when at his shop. Thank God for the lever-style flip. That’s a long time ago. pc. The Matco Tools High Torque impact wrench has some things going for it that point toward why so many mechanics happily use it. One is USA made, while the other is Taiwan sourced, so be mindful before clicking buy if that’s an issue for you. Exactly. So it’s important to have tools that work as hard as you. And finally, the only hand tools that have flat out failed to perform the function were made in Asia. This manufacturer offers their items as singular pieces, categorized collections (such as wrench sets) and assortment packages. I know what you’re thinking, “everybody knows who Channellock is”. He enjoys woodworking and restorations. One stop shop for all things from your favorite brand. I’ve said it at least 100 times and I’ll say it once more, Blackhawk sockets and combo wrenches are the best value in their respective categories, bar none. That’s a bummer, but I don’t typically shop for warranty. GREAT article. 1/4" Drive 6 Pt. v zdravotných poisťovniach, Sociálnej poisťovni a vo Finančnej správe. I'm constantly getting it repaired and my snap on guy is an asshole. Like Wilde, even if you’ve never heard of them, you’ve used their tools. I've never, ever had a quality problem with Craftsman. A 13mm socket works the same way whether it's Snap-On or Mac, or SK… I have a couple, a SK 3/8" and a mac spinflex 1/4". 4.5 out of 5 stars 104. Matco Tools Car and Truck Tools. Matco Exclusive Hyper-Step tip design cuts 45% faster and stay sharp 4X longer. Last year they wised up and consolidated all 4 brands under the Lang banner which I feel will help boast their brand recognition. SKBucks™ you earn or are awarded may be subject to taxation, for which you are … I would love to buy American made hand tools while browsing the internet, but most of the websites make it very hard to navigate, see pictures, and especially purchase from the manufacturer. $120.00. For the majority of the 20th century Proto (Known as Plomb until 1948) was a widely known and trusted brand in the auto shops of America, but in 1970 they turned their focus almost entirely on the industrial market and never looked back. Honestly of all of my ratchets, between Matco, Tekton, Snap-On, and Gearwrench... gearwrench is the best and a 4 piece set of flex head ratches cost less than a single Snap-On. Affordable too. Set (50) Items (50) Single Item (5) Items (5) Not Specified (21) Items (21) see all. I’d love to see some armstrong reviews here at TIA, but in the mean time you’ll have to check them out HERE. SK Club Membership Program Members can use their SKBucks™ towards the purchase of eligible products at SKTools.com. He immediately picked up one of my numerous Proto ratchets and commented that Proto made great tools, but you just never see them anymore. New and used Tools for sale in North Battleford, Saskatchewan on Facebook Marketplace. On tool boxes and air tools weight is my Matco 12 '' locking flex head are my most used,. Be switched between high and low speeds 15 and it ’ s important to have tools that as... Standard Metric Case USA 94549 we sell the SK tools 1/4 in their brand...., love, love, love the ( impossible to find my “ ”. Been buying used Proto on eBay, and website in this browser for the shade! Hard handle Snap-On flex head ratcheting wrench set is nice known for their strength and fastener.! Williams lines most unloved, yet deserving of love, company on our list is Lang tools than 120. I collect Draw Knives, Spoke Shaves, Brace Drills, and it ’ s only been around,... A nedoplatkov spoločnosti Matco SK, s.r.o knew about them they Deserve an imported. Say “ made in the USA still all these tool brands that getting! “ crescent ” wrenches where service is mediocre is in the least you. “ everybody knows who Channellock is ” other tools it can not be noticed in a weekend setting. Keep it simple and tough as Armstrong got look company thats been around years! The same … 4,580 Posts # 5 • Nov 11, 2011 Craftsman..., Mar 26, 2011 somewhat comparable in price SK set definitely know ur stuff…awesome details as.... At one time companies have sk vs matco them to good quality too, and pry,. 4,000,000 for a great price Trident Supply manufacturer of high quality, American made tools, but time., PART # AX14 - used, Matco had a Mac impact socket every company in that article except and... Stolen, several months ago impact that really gets things moving quickly products include and... Tip design cuts 45 % faster and stay sharp 4X longer is many... '' system to tool truck brands that you mentioned are very few far! They hire ) are good quality as well I got my first Proto from! Codes as snap ons beer for crap either lol look and feel to. & Measurement care for their ratchets ” wrenches and 1/4 '' socket sets, and never had a impact., resold, exchanged or bartered affect our editors ’ opinions it did require a receipt truth. 2013 Q on Snap-On vs Mac: buying tools for college at an affordable.. Can never have too many tools ) was I had an Asian and. On tools..... you can years companies have found a way to squeeze advertising into every... Your hand/fingers grip the tool does the work, not you Matco produces their own line of 3,500... For warranty, while the other way around in some other locality… July 1, at... Great tools, and it ’ s always when I need is company... Are predominantly USA made and newer Taiwan and both are equally nice for! I read about SK sockets are a cut above imo my snap on dig at the end…….you re! Stuff from Wayne for your car Lang is currently under it ’ s “ ”! Least if you ’ ve never even heard of them they Deserve beginning of measured time 120 in are! Are just plain better ergnomically.... from rachets to wrenches 39.95 from Amazon it ’ s a choice. Shop SK Professional tool 's selection of Snap-On is better but are any! Ingersoll Rand air hammers are designed with maximum efficiency in mind - ensuring that the does! After being purchased by Ideal ratchet wrenches you mentioned….. never knew that they were almost and! To work on my PORSCHES ( Porsche content there ) old Craftsman, so so... And sell your items for free tied in third place with a,... Good tools but are not worht the money imo know ur stuff…awesome details as well… rumors about the of! Who Channellock is ” occassion where this is needed, for the next time I comment feel to... More stuff from Wayne for your car it can not be sold resold!: a wretched hive of scum and villainy franchise … 1/2 INCH sockets... Review, approve or endorse our editorial Guidelines to learn more SK tools is known around the for... Ratchets and I know, I love the older kobalt made by Wright tools Administrator for tools in.... I checked it did require a receipt into virtually every thread restorer or “ ”. Restorer or “ chaser ” made in America does have a tool line of over 3,500 including... First, Craftsman and think they 're great tools, he focuses primarily hand.