the none catalzed product moves (expands and contracts ) at a deferent rate than a catalzed product . I think you have asked a great question. Use a enamel primer, I spray paint mine and then paint over with acrylics. This one is really tricky. Acrylic paint will stick and adhere to stone and glass, but it can be removed even after thoroughly drying. when ever you apply a catalyzed product over a none catalyzed product such as lacquer and none catalyzed enamels . Enamel is restricted when it comes to colour variation. The only problem would come from the thinner used with the enamel. I know Ron Kirn and others love nitrocellulose lacquer. If you want to do an overall paint job on the RC body, enamel or acrylic paints will give you the best results. When all he could find was Acrylic lacquer he began using it. Lacquer; Or, all surfaces with oil-based paint; How To Use Oil Bond. Novoryt acrylic lacquer is a special paint system, which because of its transparency allows to paint without leaving any strong stains on pre-treated areas. Best of luck If the glass is 40 square inches an under, I would spray paint the lacquer sealant. but the best way is to remove the lacquer primer . You also get a nice high gloss on the finish. Applicators should use a quality oil-based primer that is compatible with water-based paints. On the other hand, enamel can take from 6 to 24 hours to dry completely. You may wish to apply the lacquer by brush or by spraying to achieve your desired finish. From contributor D: To answer the original question first touch up of acrylic lacquer is very easy and will work fine. Polyurethane or epoxy paint are better suited to surfaces that will see a lot of heavy use, such as boats, bathtubs, and sinks. ... let them dry and then do more with that you are building a barrier to the acrylic paint. Engrav's, Sorry to disagree with you, but modern 100% acrylic paints adhere quite well to oil paint substrates. Water-based latex and acrylic latex primers are not appropriate for conditioning polyurethane. Acrylic lacquer vs. nitrocellulose lacquer. First, take the bottle of Oil Bond and using a clean rag, apply some of the additive directly to the surface where you’ll be painting. A basic spray paint or latex-acrylic paint will do just fine on a decorative piece or a door. 95% of the time the end result is money out of your pocket. I primed it first with some $12AUD primer from Bunnings, painted with Micador acrylics ($18AUD from Officeworks) and then sprayed the finished product with fixative. You have to make sure that whatever kind of paint you use is lacquer-based or you will have a chemical reaction between the paint and the finish that you are painting over. My dad used to paint cars with acrylic lacquer. Now, let’s look up how to paint acrylic over oil paint,” says Daniel. Can You Use Chalk Paint Over Lacquer? This helps to set the paint. The binder is the solid glue and the solvent dissolves it to make it liquid. Some paints claim to be 100% acrylic but arent. Preparing the wood and adding the lacquer can be an easy project to learn. The problem that OP is having is with the bond between the factory primer (probably acrylic) and his "2K urethane" primer. I use enamel or lacquer primer because it seems to bite into the plastic a little, or at least goes on and won't come off. Definitely recommend fixative, primer helps but the paint seems to stick to pla easily. Can be painted directly to metal too, but might require several layers for good result. Early latex paints literally could have latex resin in them, hence the name that has stuck all these years. Can You Paint Lacquer Over Enamel Paint? Mainly because the water-based acrylic paint can not stick to the oil-based enamel paint. Polyurethane paint is ready to use. Acrylic latex paint is an acrylic finish, but it won’t soften when you spray lacquer on it. And it doesn´t matter if the Enamel paint was sealed with a topcoat or not. You can use the finish coat you are painting over as your primer coat – I think it comes out a little smoother. She recommended using an "acrylic based" varnish such as that made by Delta or another company, named "JW". If you think about it, you cook, clean, and even do projects in the kitchen. Yes, you can apply your chalk paint over lacquer! The reason for this is that lacquer paint will literally melt into the layer below it, softening that paint and if it’s acrylic or enamel will also cause it to react chemically in a way that certainly won’t be conducive to achieving a professional paint finish. Lacquer's solvents are based primarily on acetone and MEK with some other solvents thrown in. Acrylic fabric medium is a liquid acrylic polymer emulsion that you can mix with acrylic artist paints which offers a very soft feel and the stability to be laundered without damaging the designs. It also takes the most abuse of any room in your home. Dad was a hack car painter, but he swore by lacquer. There are risks to spraying any type of solvent lacquer over any existing, and older, paint or finish. ... Painting rubber bumpers is a trick as you need something that is going to stick to the plastic be pliable and then match the paint job on the car. I know exactly what you are talking about! The two … Acrylic Pouring is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, or He made beautiful finishes with both types of lacquer paint. You will want to do three coats. Acrylic paint is basically everything oil-based paint isn’t. When you spray lacquer over a solvent-based acrylic finish, they combine to form a hybrid film, even if the acrylic is pigmented to form a paint. Wait until the first coat dries, then spray coat number two, and so on. “That’s good to know! These are the basic "glues" that make paint stick. Knowing how to lacquer wood will give added durability to your wood pieces. If it's mineral spirits you'll be fine...lacquer thinner however may soften the acrylic if the concentration is too high. I couldn’t believe my eyes either. The person I talked to had faced the same situation and tried a number of different things. The problem is not clear, which will go over an acrylic or lacquer basecoat. A wet application can cause many paints and finishes to wrinkle or blister, even an old coat of lacquer itself. Epoxy paint must be mixed with a … Acrylic paint dries faster than enamel. However, since the coats are thin they don't take more than half a dozen minutes to dry, at which point you may spray on the next coat of lacquer until you are satisfied that there are enough layers on the metal. The thought that "latex" paints will not stick to an oil paint goes back to the early days of water based paint technology. It isn't unusual to clear-coat an acrylic paint finish on a metal surface, such as on an automobile, with CAB- acrylic or acrylic lacquer . The Main Benefits of Acrylic Paint Acrylic lacquer paint was used in the 1920's through to the 60's, though in some places it is illegal. Waterbased varnishes such as those from Minwax did adhere but discolored the light colors of paint. If you paint the Acrylic paint directly on the Enamel paint then the paint will eventually peel off. Acrylic paint has a matte finish look and enamel paint have a glossy look. Unlike paint, which may have just two or three coats, lacquer often requires 10 or more. However, painting wood with an acrylic paint can be challenging because it may not stick, or the acrylic paint may soak deeper into the wood, which makes a … It isn’t unusual to clear-coat an acrylic paint finish on a metal surface, such as on an automobile, with CAB-acrylic or acrylic lacquer. Fabric soaks the paint into it. Instead, the lacquer remains on the paint as a surface coating. We have done quite a bit of lacquer over acrylic paints,use it for cabinets,with a decorative glaze in the detail then put lacquer over it. Acrylic paint doesn’t turn yellow over time. Acrylic Latex Paint. More than any room in your home, your kitchen is the one that gets used the most, and you may want to paint over lacquer on your kitchen cabinets. The key difference is the binders and solvents. How you apply lacquer to plastic or glass. Lacquer-Stik is a specially formulated solid paint crayon designed to color-brighten stamped or engraved lines and lettering. Solids or pigments, binders and solvents or thinners. Shellac didn't adhere to the acrylic paint well. Note that the problem spots are inside corners and the like. You cannot paint latex straight over lacquer,have to prime with lacquer undercoat. In fact, most basecoats are a modified acrylic anyway, not urethane. Acrylic paint designed for art or crafts sticks to Plexiglas; once the material is primed, other paints such as spray acrylic enamels adhere as well. It was a week or a month later and my artwork was still sticky! I'm in the camp of always prime. Every artist can paint drawer or decorate panels as well as make custom creations with intricate designs using acrylic paint. Place a vinegar soaked rag over the paint and then iron the painting until the rag is dry. Expect to use a lot of paint. Sold in pack of 12 SDS Download The problem is the lacquer thinner in the lacquer. Also, does anyone know if you can use Bins primer under waterborne lacquers? SO YES it can be doen . Acrylic paints may not have the same beauty, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t beautiful. In short, only put a lacquer top coat over a lacquer … Use stiff-bristled acrylic brushes or sponge brushes for best results. Actually, yes you can paint enamal over acrylic assuming the acrylic is dry. My second paint job was on a largish dragon I was doing as a house warming present.