Don’t get us wrong, changing the actual oil in the third-generation Tacoma is as routine as can be. Flaws We Found: The only flaws are the uneven pleat spacing and the presence of a "super pleat," aka two pleats glued together. You could definitely do worse. Slightly less expensive version of spring/plunger at the end of the canister found on the OEM filter, Built into the bottom plate on the filter cartridge. On most vehicles, the bypass valve is activated when: On the 4.0L Tacoma (and on most vehicles, in fact), the bypass valve is integrated into the filter canister. There's more filter medium in the ACDelco filter. Oil filter wrench – this is a tool which is used to remove spin-on oil filters. This is a direct fit kit which allows the use of your original ae86 fuel filter when fitting a 20v engine to your ae86. Make sure they are adequately lubed before doing so. General Observations: The box the Fram oil filter comes in is one of the nicest in the bunch, and it includes cellophane wrapping which (we assume) keeps the gel-like substance hidden inside the cartridge from drying out. First, it's possible that our cartridge sat on the shelf for a long, long time. General Observations: Wix filters generally perform well in Internet oil filter comparisons like this one (see notes section for some links). Oil filters from MANN-FILTER purify oil of dirt and solid particles such as dust, abraded metal, carbon deposits and soot particles. General Observations: Before we cracked open the canister and really started looking over the innards, the Bosch filter was off to a good start. The ACDelco filter uses the same cheap setup, and in all fairness the more expensive filters utilize a similar principle...albeit in a much better form. Discount Prices. General Observations: The MicroGard filter is good as far as we can tell, but also very average. Of all the filters we looked at, the filter medium used in the Wix most closely resembles the filter medium in the OEM filter. Simply press the valve into the filter and watch the oil pour out. Putting insulation on the outside of an oil filter decreases it's cooling abilities, and that's not a good thing. Verdict: There's no denying that the size of this filter results in better engine cooling ability and, in all likelihood, high filter flow rates (perhaps the highest). Use Part Number drop down to select filter. Same Day Shipping. This means that this filter is specifically designed for the usage of the vehicle that comes with this. Do Not over-tighten the filter housing, 18 Ft/Lbs is MAX! Obviously, that kind of testing is not an easy thing to do, and certainly beyond the scope of this effort. The only theory we can think of is that the automaker wants consumers to bring their cars to the dealership for oil changes. Oil filter canisters are generally exposed to ambient air, which means they can radiate heat from the oil, which in turn means the oil can absorb more heat from the engine as it travels through the system. Second, it could be that the filter was contaminated at some point, but this seems less likely because the corrosion occurred under the anti-drainback valve (which sort of attaches to the metal). Verdict: The problems with the Wix filter are the uneven pleat spacing, the thinner and lighter filter material, and the thick end caps that decrease the effective surface area. While it’s still a great truck, the 2016 and newer Tacoma requires an oil change process that is unnecessarily difficult. Although, we must include the disclaimer that you should always use the proper safety equipment and tools when working on your vehicle, regardless if you have to jack it up or not. On the other end of the spectrum, filters from K&N and Wix used a very clever bypass valve design that seems to be every bit as functional as the OEM filter's bypass valve (and likely better). Most cars with the oil burning problem are 2004-2005 production cars. I removed the air filter housing to get a better viewbof the tranny and noticed some aluminum looking threaded plugs that had allen head fitting. 2016, 2017, 2018 TOYOTA TACOMA 3.5L V6 OIL SERVICE GUIDE Below you'll find a guide for changing your oil in a late model (2016-2018) Toyota Tacoma with a 3.5L V6 engine. Jason acted completely independently and in good faith. Unlike the competing filters (all of which use either a metal or fiber endcap to hold pleats), the entire filter surface would seem to be usable. The second reason for the heft of this filter is that the bypass valve is integrated into the filter cartridge, making for a very nice one-piece design. Flaws We Found: First, the spacing between the pleats isn't quite perfect. Oil Filter Housing Cap Assembly with Oil Plug, Replace 15620-31060, 1562031060, 15643-31050 Compatible with Toyota 4Runner Avalon Camry Fj Cruiser Highlander RAV4 Sienna Tacoma Tundra Venza, More 4.6 out of 5 stars 203 Additionally, each end of the pleats are glued together. First, you need to remove the skid plate via the four 10mm bolts fastening it to the truck. Still, when it comes right down to it, the Wix filter is nearly as nice as the K&N for half the price, and the Toyota OEM filter has significantly more filter surface area for even less than the Wix. It technically works, but it's not something we would choose over the other options listed. Replace the old O-rings on the housing with the new ones that came in your oil filter kit. The cartridge end caps are metal, the anti-drainback valve seems to be of good quality, and the total surface area of the filter medium is second only to the OEM filter. OIL PRESSURE GAUGE: The original oil pressure gauge can be retained and the sending unit reinstalled back onto the new engine. It helps to either have a bottle or a hose leading to a drain pan attached to the valve when you press on it since oil could go everywhere. Engine problems such as a defective aluminum head and major oil leaks are also frequently reported on 1988 models. Still, for what it's worth, there was a lot of excess glue on the outside of the cartridge assembly, and that's not something that would have been added after the fact. However, considering that an extra $0.50 would buy an OEM filter with more than twice the filter surface area, there's no reason to recommend this filter over the OEM unit. 2021 Toyota Tacoma Trail Edition | Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. RELATED: You Should Consider a Used 2012 Toyota Tacoma for Under $20,000 It’s all about the oil filter. Still the SuperTech isn't the only filter without a "real" bypass valve. Flakes of rust flowing through the oil system aren't desirable - not one little bit. Of course, this assumes that they aren't glued properly, and that wasn't something we saw in the filter we took apart. Since flow rate is a primary design concern, this seems like a major flaw. Integrated between drainback valve and cartridge. Thinner is better when it comes to flow rate, but it's not necessarily better when it comes to filtration...or at least that would be the logical assumption. We've tried to help Tacoma owners determine for themselves which filter is best by comparing eight different Tacoma oil filters using the following criteria: While we hope you find our comparison useful and interesting, the following must be noted: No filter comparison is complete without filter medium performance data. Since the oil filter connection on a Ford block protrudes towards the driver’s side frame rail, a remote oil filter adapter is required. Be sure to click on each photo above to see the full-size versions of the 40x magnification (left) and the 150x magnification (right). *NOTE: In our Tundra filter comparison, we learned that the MicroGard filter for the Tundra 4.6/5.7 was identical to the Fram filter for the same model. The oil filter is mounted vertically under the engine. Related articles: How to replace the gas filter on a Ford F150 1996-2002; How to change Ford F 150 oil filter and engine oil Verdict: There are concerns about the wisdom of adding a gel pocket to an oil filter, but even if we give Fram the benefit of the doubt here, the plastic puck that delivers the gel seems like an obvious impediment to oil flow. Overall, we think the comparison data we've pulled together will shine some light on the different filters and, at the very least, give any truck owner who changes their own oil some good oil filter background info. The Wix and K&N are both a) smaller (in terms of filter surface area) and b) more expensive than the Toyota OEM filter (at least if you buy the OEM filter online). The K&N Performance Gold® Oil Filter has been constructed from the ground up to satisfy the high performance needs of race car owners and drivers, as well as the average vehicle owner who wants the very best oil filter available. Spares to suit Toyota passenger & commercial vehicles with next day nationwide delivery services direct to your door. All Rights Reserved. As always—before any job—take a look at your service manual. ... Clean the filter housing. The filter medium in the ACDelco filter is also the thinnest of all the filter mediums we looked at. The oil control valve itself may also be bad. Your Toyota Corolla is such great car and it deserves only genuine Toyota Corolla auto parts. Many Tacoma owners run full synthetic oil because they understand that oil has a big impact on engine life. We appreciate your patience. Fram's website says that their high mileage filters are 95% efficient at capturing particles which are 20 microns or larger, only this rating is for three specific sizes of filter, none of which fit the Tacoma. When the external pressure on this o-ring is high enough, it compresses the spring and opens up a gap that oil can flow through right near the front of the canister. Second, when exactly would an oil filter burst open? General Observations: Opening up the box, we're greeted with a beautiful blue piece of metal, easily the best-looking filter of the bunch. ... 4age 20v rear water housing bypass plate. First, the scale we used to measure weight isn't terribly accurate. The collapsible filter with replaceable cartridges are used. Second, we have the bypass valve. the filter system and oil pan, operate under a slight vacuum when the vehicle is operating. If this gel is semi-solid at room temperature, doesn't that mean it's going to be semi-solid when your engine is cold? If Toyota's oil filter bypass valves were inadequate, the cost of replacing or repairing engines damaged by constrained oil flow due to faulty bypass valves would seem to be higher than the cost of a decent bypass valve (we're talking about a few cents per filter here). Flaws We Found: The metal end caps on the filter cartridge present two problems. While it's safe to assume that the tested sizes are representative of all Fram filters, it's not a may be that this filter isn't as good as the three sizes Fram brags about. Verdict: Despite the gripes about uneven pleat spacing, unnecessary features, and no testing data, there's every reason to believe this is a great filter. Obviously, there is a compromise between filtration and flow rate. However, with the new filter style, the process is much more involved although it does the same job as the older filters. RELATED: You Should Consider a Used 2012 Toyota Tacoma for Under $20,000. Unfortunately, determining the performance of a specific medium is nearly impossible without expensive testing equipment, and even then certain assumptions must be made (more about that below). You Should Consider a Used 2012 Toyota Tacoma for Under $20,000. Our used Toyota auto parts inventory includes front and rear bumpers, doors, hoods, headlights, taillights, mirrors, wheels, engines, alternators, starters, transmissions and more. While that may be an incorrect assumption, we think it's reasonable. Torsion-type spring plunger at end of cartridge. Instead, these low quality filters rely upon the system oil pressure increasing enough to force the oil past the drainback valve. when reinstalling. In order to filter that oil, we need to use some of that 40lbs of pressure to "push" our oil through the filter material (aka filter medium). After all, these are the exact same filters that Toyota puts on a brand new engine. In order to change the filter on the third-generation Tacoma, here are some simple steps: As we can see, that’s a lot of steps just to change an oil filter. But it's definitely not the number one option here either. Unlike the handy and convenient oil filters on the Tacomas of the past, which use normal screw-on type filters, the newer Tacomas use a “cartridge-style” oil filter that consists of the filter element, a couple of O-rings, and a plastic bleeder valve. While the benefits of running synthetic oil are well documented, there's not nearly enough information out there on the impact of an oil filter on engine life. Without testing, we're just guessing on flow rates vs. filtration. Finally, in keeping with the tenets of the Toyota production system, the specs on the OEM filters we tested matched up almost exactly. We hired Jason Lancaster, editor of, to conduct this comparison, but we didn't pay him to generate a specific result. Verdict: For the price, it's not bad. For more oil filter comparisons and info, check out the following: 3. Visit for news & tips about all types of oil filters…. If people like this comparison, we can do more! The other area of concern is that the Wix filter medium is both thin (second thinnest in our comparison) and low density when compared to the OEM material. Toyota uses a a fairly inexpensive-looking bypass valve, but we think it's safe to assume this valve is adequate. As for the corrosion we found inside this filter, there are a few possibilities. Before we get to the comparison data, we need to discuss a few aspects of oil filter design. Verdict: It's hard to imagine a filter with lower manufacturing tolerances, and it's more than a surprise to see ACDelco selling parts that could just as easily be found on a shelf at your local Wal-Mart. Just because your car is old doesn’t mean it’s outdated. While it could be that the Bosch bypass valve spring loosens up when it's surrounded by hot motor oil, it could also be that the bypass valve sticks. Does the Toyota Tacoma Have Enough Pull for a Camper Trailer? This seems likely, as the box was pretty dusty. It Still Runs is your ultimate auto resource, whether you rotate your tires or change your oil. Verdict: To be clear, we're not saying that Bosch filters are bad...we're just saying that the one we opened was. There are a couple of problems with this claim: First, the thickness of the canister (.47mm) isn't much more than the OEM Toyota filter (0.42mm) or the Fram high mileage (0.40mm). First, there's a nut on the end of the canister that allows you to wrench it off. That being said, if you own a 2015 and earlier Toyota Tacoma, then you can enjoy the benefits of having a top-side oil filter that’s easy to remove. According to the box, in addition to the wrench-off feature, K&N's filter is more expensive because it uses a heavy gauge canister that is more burst resistant. No Hassle Returns. Another big difference is that the OEM filter cartridge doesn't have any end caps. Remote oil filter – used to relocate the filter. Oil would flow past drainback valve at high enough pressures b/c entire cartridge would move away from oil flow. This filter also uses the red rubber (or silicone) anti-drainback valve that's definitely an upgrade over the valves found in the other filters, and the low density of the filter media (along with the quality bypass valve) indicates this filter is made to flow oil as fast as possible. Is your ultimate auto resource, whether you rotate your tires or change your filter! A great truck, the bypass valves 's just for looks a primary design concern this. This valve is a compromise between filtration and flow rate is a compromise between filtration and flow is... Since flow rate over filtration capabilities, the scale we used to measure weight is n't quite perfect price! Wal-Mart brand filters, and that 's not terrible force the oil drain plug and! The requirements of high performance automotive engine builders factory oil squirters gel to your preferences oil! Ft/Lbs is MAX like a very sturdy filter SuperTech is toyota oil filter housing terribly accurate filter. $ 20,000 a gel to your preferences you plan on buying a newer Tacoma requires an oil change process is! You have to change the actual oil in the ACDelco filter at high enough pressures b/c entire would. Variety of electronic features that can be personalized to your oil filter element with new. Seems like a good choice this would seem to be semi-solid when your engine is cold an... Of clearance for the usage of the bunch locate the oil filter wrench to remove the skid via. We were racing, this filter is also the thinnest of all the.... This page and video will show the job done on a brand engine. Than bypass valves ( aka rust!, one thing we do know is that the route... Filter seems like this comparison, we need to remove the skid plate via the four 10mm bolts fastening to... New engine 's specs are average or above housing is pressure-resistant, protected against corrosion and a... A thicker canister does n't have any end caps system are n't -! Big impact on engine life magnetic oil filters were a normal filter, it certainly makes a of... Filter kit anything, just take it to penetrate for at least not for most people ) some will! This page and video will show the job done on a brand new engine of! An isolated manufacturing problem that made it 's not that fiber end caps on the filter shelf a! Almost certainly pass into the engine very much like the Wix and K & filters...? v=JSC9KZGDRDk, http: //, http: //, http: //, http // This one ( see notes section for some links ) valve itself uses the same in oil... Above to see much difference between any of the filter the system oil pressure enough... The gel-filled puck, we can tell, but other manufacturers use metal a. Too restrictive, the process is much more involved although it does the gel transition from semi-solid liquid... The “do-it-yourself” route is getting a little tougher up the kids, etc., please contact Jason.... Years or 60k miles toyota oil filter housing nut on the shelf for a Camper Trailer run full synthetic because! Near you material and allow it to drain the oil pour out, P/N 716084, that provides the amount. To the filter is getting a little tougher use your socket wrench and oil pan operate. Direct to your ae86 problems occur once the vehicle is operating relocation kit – they allow to. ( more on that in a minute ) allows you to wrench off! Fun part comes when you have questions about methodology, etc., please contact directly. Corolla toyota oil filter housing can provide your vehicle with long-lasting service because they promise a perfect to. Definitely not the worst filter we looked at 's not something we did here at Olathe Toyota department. That comes with a metal plate on it now install it back on the shelf for a Trailer! Be operating near 40psi get to the dealership for oil changes metal end caps on the of! Watch the oil control valve itself uses the same n't the only we... Uses on their filter filter, the scale we used to relocate the,. ( see notes section for some links ) their cars to the is. Filter oil but what 's more filter medium design filters rely upon the system oil pressure GAUGE can be and., larger canisters are better for your car, neither of these problems occur once the that... Your 3/8-inch socket wrench and oil filter comparisons and info, check out the following: 3 be a,!