Photo: Yi Chen Considering how many places it’s eaten, perhaps it’s unfair to deem this weird. You can guarantee there are millions of belly-popping, artery hardening, and gooey concoctions heating up in fryers around the country. 27 Awesome Fried Fair Foods. Forget crisps or chocolate, these little guys are actually a popular snacking food in Zimbabwe, a staple food in rural areas and a delicacy in some cities in Africa. America’s state fairs have basically turned deep-frying into a science, turning once wonderful foods into high-caloric monsters. 6. I pride myself in my organization skills, and my attention to detail. 63 Responses to “14 Odd Deep-Fried Foods” Guga said: May 13th, 2010 at 2:08 am. Fried cereal cheese puffs. Travelling for food is one of the mainstays of the travel blogger world and it is the best part of travelling and we love exploring the unusual and the weird food that we find. I love deep fried food but seeing this much just makes me feel sick and makes me question all the choices ive ever made in life. American food gets such a bad rep and these things explain why. Southerners know food. That’s right folks… fried soda. Here’s the kicker- You have to be 21 to have this fried treat as it’s only cooked for about 20 seconds…short enough to remain alcoholic. The only downside with this is it might be difficult to pull off the Lady and the Tramp moment...but you can "cheers" with the two sticks instead. Rather than running away, people are flocking to the edible creation of Scorpions that are battered, deep fried, and served plain or dipped in chocolate. Don't drink the Kool Aid, kids!! What are we doing folks? The first season debuted on Monday, February 6, 2007 at 9pm ET/PT. Deep-fried foods have a reputation as being unhealthy, but there's nothing that says you can't take one of the healthiest fruits out there and give it the deep-fried treatment. What would Harold and Kumar say about this? I just got a shiver up my spine thinking about what this must taste like. Oct 22, 2013 - State fair season is here and with it some deviously delicious fried fare. 1. This is truly baffling. Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is a travel and cuisine television show hosted by Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel in the US. Home; About Me; About this blog ... famous deep-fried Kool Aid balls. Eat your fried butter and wash it down with fried tequila. But I guess if you want to take a bite of it, that would be okay. This deep-fried burger includes the bun and everything, because we as a species are clearly insane. What's the kind of cheese that isn't yours (and is also exponentially more unhealthy than the regular kind)? I mean, I see half these weird food combinations and it's just revolting. Depending on the processing method, these eggs are kept preserved from a few weeks to a few months in a mixture of clay, ash, salt and rice hulls. But really, this is a good thing. Each year, fair vendors go to extreme levels to come up with the weirdest deep fried foods. They’re pretty tasty when flavoured properly, but the bones get on your nerves after a while. It’s not really bubble gum per se, it’s actually marshmallow dipped in pink batter, deep fried, and topped with blue icing. I don't think I want to find out... Deep-fried flowers are a delicacy in Thailand, and they're probably the most delicate of all the deep-fried foods. büyüler said: May 29th, 2010 at 6:47 am The county fair circuit must be getting desperate for new fried foods. Made it to the ravioli feeling good but it quickly went downhill from there. Each year, fair vendors go to extreme levels to come up with the weirdest deep fried foods. And that dipping sauce looks good too (suprised they didn't fry that up too). Alligator is deep fried and skewered teriyaki style. The fruit is big and has plenty of hard spikes populating the husk. Watermelon. In case fried mayo wasn't straight up gross enough for you, here's a ball of battered butter (say that ten times fast). The south is known for its tendency to deep fry everything, and sometimes we take it to the extreme. Deep-fried raw cookie dough kind of defeats the purpose of not cooking the cookie dough, don't you think? I give up already. Related: 24 Weird, Surprising, an Over-the-Top Foods on a Stick. Whether is is fragrant rose petals, whole orchids, or savory onion or zucchini blossoms this fried food is much lighter than most. At first it might seem disappointing that these are not technically deep-fried shots, but rather pieces of tequila-soaked cake. They couldn't even hide the color. What happens to jello when you deep-fry it?! I graduated with a B.A. Each year, fair vendors go to extreme levels to come up with the weirdest deep f, State and County Fair season is about to begin, and with that comes rides, contests, and the infamous deep fried foods. Weird food of the world: To eat or not to eat? Yes, you can deep-fry watermelon, even though it’s full of water. You don’t drink this one, rather a pocket of dough (usually salty and pretzel-like) is formed, filled with beer and deep fried. Of course, “weird food” is a bit judgemental. She is the author of The Culinary Cyclist and Fika: The Art of the … Anna Brones. This perfect cold-weather drink is now a perfect cold-weather snack. The ultimate sugar high-jellybeans are put in funnel cake batter, deep fried, and topped with powdered sugar. State and County Fair season is about to begin, and with that comes rides, contests, and the infamous deep fried foods. These exotic and taboo creatures (dead of course) are a prized dessert at the Arizona State Fair. And we know some of our food may seem a little, well, weird, but trust us -- we know what we're talking about.These 26 dishes may seem a little (OK, a lot) gross, but trust us: You're missing out.Frog legsYep, this is exactly how it sounds. Bacon strips are coated in batter and deep fried, similar to chicken fried steak. Most of the craziest things ever fried are sold at state fairs yearly, in fact, so if you want to get in on the craziness, plan on visiting one. Check out these artery-clogging, crazy deep-fried foods. Fudgy Oreos, creamy mac 'n' cheese, salty pickles - every food is game for the fryer at the state fair. This spicy Louisiana dish is probably only improved by being lowered into a deep fryer. Fried Everything. Here we go. State and County Fair season is about to begin, and with that comes rides, contests, and the infamous deep fried foods. Thanksgiving flavored food...not so much. Either on a stick or formed into balls, this infamous fan favorite is deep fried and loved by many. Southern Style Recipes. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list? Cut to look like curly-fries, pigs’ ears are fried and served with a size of chipotle glaze. Ah, refreshing! I'm a freelance writer and stay at home mom. Wash down your meal with some fried sweet tea. You should eat it in Naples or made by someone who knows what he’s doing, anyway. By Lauren Donaldson. To others like me, it’s the food that draws me in. You don't have to sacrifice flavor to lower cholesterol. One thought that always crosses my mind around the Easter season is: "Wouldn't these jelly beans be better if they were boiling hot and coated with dough?" Delicately boned frogs legs are battered and deep fried until they reach a perfect crunch. Ah, Baconnaise. Don’t let that name mislead you into thinking these eggs are a 100 years old, they aren’t. Here, find our top picks to make at home. Ooh, we should kick it up a notch and make a marshmallow treat with the cereal before frying it. The creator says his idea came about as a way to pay homage to one of his favorite breakfast foods- toast with butter. You Can Buy All This Food Online And Never Go To The Grocery Store Again, Tasty Bites That Will Have You Singing 'Food, Glorious Food', 15 Cooking Tricks They Only Teach You In Culinary School. You can guarantee there are millions of belly-popping, artery hardening, and gooey concoctions heating up in fryers around the country. Bizarre Fried Foods Are These Deep Fried Foods Dos — or Don'ts? 20 of the Craziest Deep-Fried Foods As a society we're obsessed with deep frying basically anything. Related Topics: video, weird, insects, strange, Scorpion, foods, french fries, great big story, deep fried, chicken and waffles Recipes & Drinks Bacon-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin That'll Melt in Your Mouth “The weirdest food I have ever come across is fried bubblegum”, exclaims Marye from Restless Chipotle.From Missouri to Minnesota and from Iowa to New York, county state fairs are one of the highlights of the calendar. Actually as an Italian I have to say that fried Pizza is EXTREMELY GOOD. Now this is a recipe for a party! Do you dare dig into these creative fair creations? Bubble Gum like a glob of bacon-flavored mayonnaise, eh? Often we Westerners or Europeans simply don’t realize how tastes and food have changed over the years. Salads. Bizarre Foods focuses on regional cuisine from around the world which is typically perceived as being disgusting, exotic, or bizarre. The Texas State Fair has literally destroyed tastebuds with this addictive food. Just eat these foods! These balls also come with an extra sprinkle of Kool-Aid powder over the top. Durian, dubbed “the king of fruits”, is a seasonal tropical fruit that grows from June to August in many Southeast Asian countries. See more ideas about recipes, food, yummy food. Snails fried in the shell on a bed of salt may sound strange, but they are delicious and are considered a great delicacy in Greece. This Italian favorite is formed into the shape of a baseball, dipped in garlic batter, and served with parmesan cheese and marinara. We challenge you to look at this list and say you've seen it all before. Some are weird, some are unexpected check out these crazy fried foods. September 6, 2013 by Anna Monette Roberts. Who knew something so unhealthy could be so useful? Finish it off with some fried jello for a fully fried and fully disgusting meal. Would You Dare Eat These Gross Thanksgiving-Flavored Foods? Thanksgiving food is the best. Nov 26, 2020 - Explore Bonnie Wetmore's board "Deep fried foods", followed by 1087 people on Pinterest. Very healthy meal option. Southern hospitality is a given and so is good food. But you will get some real gum as they also top the dish with Chicklets gum. As a world traveller, or simply a traveller in general, you are bound to come across concepts, ideas, and lifestyles that are beyond your realm of that which is considered normal.This, as you explore and discover new cultures, their traditions and way of life. Basically heaven in a ball to many, elbow macaroni and gooey cheese coated in a thin batter and fried to a crisp. 2. Fried Kool-Aid Recipe: Ingredients: – Vegetable oil (for frying) – 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup Kool-Aid – 3 eggs – 1/4 of sugar (Want it sweeter? I mean, gross, but okay. Add a little fruit to your diet with some nice, fresh, cold deep-fried watermelon... wait. News on all your favorite celebs, reality TV, and movies. Milk is an OK companion for cereal, but deep-fried batter is way better. Vietnamese people usually joke that this fruit is a secret weapon to break friendships because of its smell and taste. That is the question 🤮. Next. Nutritionists Revealed The 16 Foods They'll Never Touch, Foods That Taste Good But Will Also Lower Your Cholesterol, Things You Can Do With Bacon Grease That'll Make Your Life Better, Some Bizarre Foods That You Won't Believe People Actually Ate In The 1950s, Uniquely Awesome Food Items For The Foodie In All Of Us. Coca-Cola flavored batter is deep fried and topped with Coca-Cola syrup, cinnamon sugar, and whipped cream. This cannot be undone. Check out more strange foods from around the globe. The World's Craziest Deep-Fried Foods. Deep fried soda. Anna Brones is a food + travel writer with a love for coffee and bikes. Serious question: does fried beer still get you drunk? in English from Greensboro College. For the kid at heart- Kool-Aid is mixed with batter and deep fried. Now this is a fried dish I can get behind! From stinky bugs to big caterpillars, we have compiled a list of 7 weird and wonderful foods to get your chops around in Africa. Below are 15 of the weirdest deep fried foods-. In the meantime, you can whet your appetite with this list of bizarre deep-fried foods. In addition to the stereotypical fried foods, you can find a plethora of weird and potentially wonderful dishes on offer. The foods end up crispy on the outside and very moist on the inside, similar to traditionally fried foods, but using 70–80% less oil. Because if so, getting drunk and staving off hangovers with carbs is now a one-step process. After all, fried beer, deep-fried Twinkies, and fried lemonade have been clogging fair-goers' arteries for years. What, you don't feel the same way? Mopane Worms. Then it’s deep fried and served with brown gravy. Butterballs Butter fried in oil, what could be better than that? Posts about Weird Fried Foods written by Dru. Here are some of the craziest foods to have ever been thrown into a deep frier. Whyyyyy? Everyone’s favorite dinner is now rolled into a ball and fried. Still, it’s made mostly of skin making it a little gelatinous in texture. Some Bizarre Foods That You Won't Believe People Actually Ate In The 1950s People back … A fresh take on sports: the biggest news and most entertaining lists. I have a unique personality that reflects well in my writing. Top it with bacon bits and sour cream to make it a complete meal! The “dinner” consists of a ball of stuffing and diced turkey, which is then dipped into southern creamed corn and rolled with corn meal. 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This seems like a science experiment gone wrong. This ode to bacon has won awards at the Texas State Fair. The weird part is that grits are made out of dried kernels of corn, and the consistency of the food is kinda weird.